Auckland Central
John and his team dealt with my offence in timely and professional manner right from the beginning.
Being very frightened at times, John and his team would always be there at any given time when I needed questions answered.Having John work on my case was definitely the best decision.
I just wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the wonderful work that you and your team did on my behalf.  It was clear that there was much thought and strategy applied to my case, and that we had to change tack a few times along the way!!  It was also clear that all the work you guys did to prepare the argument on my behalf left the judge on the day with little choice but to make the decision that he did, which was to discharge me without a conviction.  While things did not always go our way, it is pleasing to see that the end result was what we all hoped for and I am very pleased with the result.

I was stressed and very worried about my case. I contacted a few lawyers but I was confused about their fees and the way they to me. I decided to contact John and wow, I made the right decision.

Thanks John for your easy and warm approach. You made sure I was fine, your language was easy and you did not hide anything from me. During my court case, you were there, I was standing in that box with a blank mind, but when I heard you speaking for me, I felt confident and happy inside.

Thank you so much for helping me to keep my licence and not go to jail. Now I can sleep properly and be happy again. Thanks for the support, thanks for being a great lawyer and I am happy I chose you. You have a great heart and reasonable fees. I am happy with everything you did. Thanks again.

… I take the opportunity to record my appreciation to Mr Munro for his helpful submissions – R v T, Auckland High Court


When I recently needed the assistance of a criminal barrister I was blessed to find John Munro. John was able to give me certainty up front regarding the cost of my defence. He was quickly up to speed with the details of my case and was thorough in his presentation to the jury.

John was polite and respectful to all parties and had a knack of always putting myself and my witnesses at ease. He earned the respect of the Judge and the jury who returned not guilty verdicts on all the charges I faced.

Thank you John and George for caring. Fantastic job.


I was charged with a serious offence that, if convicted, would have had a devastating (potentially terminal) impact on my career as an international businessman. John and his team went to great lengths to plead my case and pulled off a major coup in achieving diversion against the odds, and thus ensuring that my record stayed clean.

The biggest surprise was the extent to which John took charge, showing leadership, initiative and responsiveness that far exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, nor with the experience of dealing with John and his team.

East Auckland

Words cannot express how grateful I am for John’s services. From the moment he took over my case until judgment day came along he gave me guidance and fought for me. I have no doubt in my mind that he gave it a 110%, and the results produced were nothing less than incredible.

Thanks to John and his team, I can now resume my life peacefully and achieve my goals.

West Auckland

Thank you for all your help and guidance since I contacted you last year. If it had not been for you, I would have received a sentence of community service as well.

The programme I have begun has helped me a great deal. I don’t ever want to commit any offence again and will be staying out of trouble I wish you all the best and once again – thank you so much.

South Auckland

I received a summons to the Auckland District Court regarding providing misleading information to Immigration New Zealand. I was stressed about the impact it would have on my employment and immigration status. John took me through the process and dealt with Immigration NZ and the court. In the end he persuaded the Judge to just give me a fine which I paid on the day and now the matter is finished.

I am very grateful for acquiring John Munro services for my case. He has a wonderful team.


My brother found himself in some serious trouble with the law and we having never experienced anything like this before were at a loss as to where to start and what to do to minimise the impact / sentence that my brother would ultimately have to serve.

John and his team right from the beginning gave us confidence and an understanding as to what would be the likely outcome and the best way to ensure the better of the scenarios.

Again thank you John for making such an unpleasant experience as painless as possible.

South Auckland

I had been charged with some immigration matters. I had been very stressful and pressured. My family suffered in this as well and in hard times John Munro came to my rescue. He was always confident and told me from begining what outcome he can can acheive. During sentencing John Munro stood firm and pressed issues relating my case and got best outcome for my situation. I lost all hope in this case but John Munro came a shining light and gave me the best outcome in this situation. My family and I are very greatful that we made contact with him regarding this matter.

North Shore

John is a straight up and easy going guy. Before the trial started I was getting nervous as here is this guy that comes across as being too laid back and never worried about anything and constantly smiling and saying everything is ok. But once he was in the court room in front of everyone he was a different man. He treated my case as if it was himself that was on trial and not me. He was forceful with out crossing the line. He drilled down to the core facts and picked up on any discrepancy there was and hammered them home till the witnesses were doubting themselves, and was priceless to watch it happen. Then coming out of the court room he was back to being the good guy that he is. He looked after my family by keeping them informed and answered their questions about what was happening and going to happen, and I know they thank him for it. But most of all I thank him and would recommend him to anyone that needs a good lawyer.