Name Suppression Applications
Once charged, especially when for a serious offence, the media seem to descend on you and you can become a feature on the news.  Obtaining name suppression, then, becomes absolutely vital for protecting your standing, reputation and mana while you are defending charges against you.

We have experience in obtaining interim name suppression, continued name suppression and permanent name suppression.  It is important that you have experienced hands working on your name suppression application as the threshold is high.  Despite the high threshold, we have successfully obtained permanent and continued name suppression in several high profile High Court manslaughter trials, as well as on a number of other less serious offences.

Stay Applications
We have experience in bringing stay of proceeding applications, where the prosecution has lost or destroyed evidence, where the key defence witnesses have since died and where there has been a lack of evidence to support the charges.  A stay of proceedings amounts to an acquittal and is an important weapon in the arsenal of a defendant.


June 2016

Client charged with manslaughter.  Counsel was successful in obtaining permanent name suppression based on the evidence obtained from a specialised psychiatrists that showed that there was extreme hardship and risk to a person’s safety.

August 2014

Client was originally charged with manslaughter, but plead guilty to with assault with intent to injure and was discharged without conviction.  Permanent name suppression was granted, despite the public interest and media requests.