Whether its possession of grams or manufacturing of kilograms, we have the expertise and experience to properly represent and advice you on all manner of drug related charges from possession of paraphernalia through to importing and manufacturing of class A substances.  We routinely appear in all courts on these matters and have an impressive track record on possession, supply, manufacturing and importation drugs charges.


We offer specialist representation in all drug related matters of A, B and C classes of drugs including:

  • Possession
  • Supply
  • Cultivation
  • Manufacturing
  • Importation

Class A includes drugs such as Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin

Class B includes drugs such as Ecstasy

Class C includes drugs such as Cannabis, Pseudoephedrine


January 2017

Client was charged with cultivation of cannabis, possession for supply of cannabis, offering to supply a class B drug and possession of firearms and ammunition.  Following a resolution, the firearms and ammunition charges were withdrawn, and the client plead guilty.  Counsel successfully obtained a sentence of home detention.

May 2016

Client was charged with importing, selling, supplying and possessing ephedrine.  The Crown sought to leave evidence of previous drug convictions.  John obtained a resolution including amended charges with a substantial reduction in quantity, to which the client pleaded guilty.  The client received a sentence of 7 years’ and 9 months’ imprisonment.

February 2014

Client was charged with importing over 6 kilograms of a class C controlled drug.  John was successful able to avoid a term of imprisonment and the client received a sentence of home detention.

John is a straight up and easy going guy. Before the trial started I was getting nervous as here is this guy that comes across as being too laid back and never worried about anything and constantly smiling and saying everything is ok. But once he was in the court room in front of everyone he was a different man. He treated my case as if it was himself that was on trial and not me. He was forceful with out crossing the line. He drilled down to the core facts and picked up on any discrepancy there was and hammered them home till the witnesses were doubting themselves, and was priceless to watch it happen. Then coming out of the court room he was back to being the good guy that he is. He looked after my family by keeping them informed and answered their questions about what was happening and going to happen, and I know they thank him for it. But most of all I thank him and would recommend him to anyone that needs a good lawyer.

North Shore