Bail Applications

We often take our liberties for granted until they are restricted or altogether taken away.  Once charged, one of the first things that can be imposed on a person regardless of their innocence is strict bail conditions or bail is declined altogether.  If bail is declined, then you will be remanded in custody (that means you are imprisoned between court appearances).  Alternatively, you could be on electronically monitored (EM) bail or standard bail.

These restrictions of a person’s liberty are serious impositions of the state and should be carefully challenged if excessive.  We have experience in obtaining EM bail for those remanded in custody, having excessive bail conditions varied and obtaining bail-at-large (which is no conditions).


I offer specialist representation in all bail applications including:

  • Opposed bail applications in District Court and High Court
  • Bail Appeals
  • Variations of Bail
  • Applications for Electronic Bail


February 2016

Client in custody was charged with sale and supply of methamphetamine.  John successfully obtained the client electronically monitored bail, and subsequently obtained a number of bail variations.